baby Teo’s quilt


Terry and I finished the last details of the baby quilt on Saturday, May 25th at around 12:30 pm. We later found out that little Teo was born at almost exactly the same time we declared the quilt ready to go. We haven’t met him yet, but we hope to deliver the quilt some time soon. See closeups of the quilt squares here.

We’ve had a wonderful time working on this quilt. Over the past 4 months, it’s flown across the country and back again. It’s easily fitted on my lap as I chain-stitched on the plane and in airport waiting areas. Curious stewardesses wanted to know all about it. And, when our plane was low on cabin pressure and had to land at the nearest airport, I held onto it as we quickly descended. It was a safe landing and we were able to get home on another plane.

And baby Teo has also landed safely. Welcome to this world, Prince of Bees! Teosquilt


17 thoughts on “baby Teo’s quilt

  1. oh my goodness, the finished project is just delightful! congrats on such a wonderful keepsake gift beautifully constructed and stitched!

  2. It is absolutely beautiful! Teo is one lucky baby. And it’s sure to go with whatever color combination there is in the nursery.

    • Thanks Deb. Yes, the “Prince of Bees” needs an explanation. Without revealing too much personal information, I can say that Teo’s mother is an enthusiastic bee keeper.

  3. Hi Salley, the quilt is just gorgeous, “sew” much love and good wishes are stitched into it! I’m glad I got to see the quilt in person when you visited California earlier this year! Cheers!

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