Baby Banner (Eliza Jane)


My cousin John and his wife Mariana had a baby girl on March 1st, so I had to drop everything and make a baby banner for Eliza Jane. I took photos along the way, which give an idea of my process. It’s like the wedding banners I’ve been making for a few years. You can see all of them here.

I first made a simple pattern, with her name, birth date and weight written out. Then I cut out a smaller felt square and bent wire to form the letters and numbers.

I wrapped the wire with 2 strands of variegated embroidery floss, hiding the knots behind the curled ends. In this case, wire had to overlap to make the Z. I tried making the fancier lower case script Z, but it was hard to read, so I went with the simpler zigzag style. Below you can see how I made an orange stripe with another thread on top of the embroidery floss in JANE.


I like using variegated thread to edge the felt.


I made a narrow panel for a sheep button and some leaf beads.


Glass leaf beads and a chain stitched vine fill the space between the words.


I’ve had this ceramic sheep button for about 30 years. It’s so satisfying to put it to use in just the right place.



I braided some Greek leather that I bought at a bead show and made a strap to hang the banner. Working with the leather reminded me of making gimp projects at camp. Remember gimp? What a weird material!




Welcome to the world Eliza Jane!

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16 thoughts on “Baby Banner (Eliza Jane)

  1. I love the playful, jubilant feel of this banner, so appropriate for a child, and all without the trad pink and ruffles. There’s something about the shape of the scalloped bottom edge that reminds me of the shape of a classic kid’s snowsuit with a knit cuff. I marvel at your choice of embellishments and how well they work, especially the dear sheep. It certainly announces the arrival of a Spring baby with glee.

  2. Salley,

    That’s just beautiful! What a treasure – a wonderful handmade, heartfelt gift to the parents, and also to Eliza Jane who will someday grow up and know you cared.

  3. Wow so organic and natural and beautiful – none of the garish colors that often come with baby things. This is just lovely!

  4. Oh Eliza Jane, what a lucky little baby you are, hopefully you will have this wonderful treasure your whole life. Gorgeous colors and such a beautiful gift.

  5. Oh, Salley!!!!!! I just love it! Seeing it makes me so happy, and I’m sure it will make Eliza Jane and her parents very happy, too! love, Beth

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