Inspiration– Molas #2

Last year, in a fit of organizing, I matted and framed a pile of my molas. They are from my mother’s collection and I’ve come to love and admire their meticulous and bold designs. A while ago, I wrote a post about other molas in my collection here. The black framed molas are now crowding the walls of our downstairs powder room. With no windows and damaging sunlight, it’s a good place to hang textiles. There isn’t a tub or shower, so humidity isn’t a problem, either.

Right now, the walls of the “Mola” room are white, but I plan on painting them a richer color to better compliment the frames. I could go wild, with borders and patterns, but right now I don’t have the time. It just feels good to have them all displayed together.

12 thoughts on “Inspiration– Molas #2

  1. Oh, I love Molas! These are especially intricate. I wonder if they are made so intricately today … I have a sad suspicion that they aren’t.

  2. Love your molas! My collection started with a very simple (not my favorite as I love detail and intricacy) mola from my parents. I added 34 to that one (it sounds awful with that many but the room doesn’t look odd with it as some are in a wallhanging, some are in pillows (including a basket of them), many are framed 3 at a time in vertical frames and they are also in a bathroom. Then came a bedspread that I designed and had made with 15 inset onto the top. Molas are fabulous and the artists in the San Blas Islands certainly have a rich artistic heritage and appreciation for beauty. Thanks for sharing. Your framing of them was lovely!

  3. Love the collection you have, when I started quilting years ago my teacher had quite a few, first time I had ever really seen one. The work is amazing and I love the way you have them displayed!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. They are really gorgeous! My favorite is the cat with the red mat. I’ve got a plan to see your presentation next week in Portland so I hope you are still doing that! I can’t wait!

  5. Molar have been favorites for many years and I have also framed a few! As I studied the different ones I hav, I noted subtle differences in the way made as they came from different locales.

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