10 thoughts on “Book giveaway on C&T pub blog

  1. I work at the public library here in town and look forward to any new books/blogs. Several of us have tried to make the wee folks but just haven’t got them to look as sleek as yours. Thank you for your continued imagination.

  2. one of my favorite people besides you and your book , she is 11 a french girl born here speaks French too parents from France anyways she would tresure it as she does other things that she saves thanx Renee

  3. My copy “disppeared” on a plane ride from Atlanta to San Francisco several years ago – it just vanished . I’d love to be lucky enough to win this one. I guarantee it will never leave our home.

  4. I love the look of this book. I have spent many beautiful hours making wee things for my children and my heart sings when I see them making more and more things themselves as they get older. They make gifts for younger cousins and I love that this heartfelt tradition lives on. I would love a copy of your book to help inspire Maebh, 11, Erin 8 and Aidan 5 even further!

  5. This book is the most used of all my doll pattern books. So many have been delighted to receive the little fairies. I would love another book to share with my artist friends.

  6. This is a wonderful book and my copy is well read. I have created several wonderful people. It would be great to have a copy for the school learning center for the students to enjoy and show there creative side. Thanks for sharing your great talent.

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