fairy stools

People keep asking, “What are you working on lately?” I have to say that this summer I’m doing everything but making art. I would love to be stitching away in my air-conditioned studio, but there are too many time-sensitive administrative and promotional tasks to take care of and I’ve been traveling alot. It all has to do with my book and touring art show.  And it’s summer, so there’s the garden to tend, friends to entertain and on nice days we go boating. So, I’m planning on getting back to serious art-making in September.

On a recent morning, I saw two mushrooms growing side by side, along my driveway. The next day, I finally was able to take their picture, and they had grown twice their size.

I found a boy and a girl fairy from my bag of wee folk and positioned them on the stools.

One thing I’ve learned to do is take photographs early in the morning, when the light is low. The golden glow of dusk works, too.

The gentle morning light doesn’t create harsh shadows and it’s aimed from the side, not above, like the during mid-day.

This little girl fairy looks like she spilled a chocolate ice cream cone on her dress. There’s some kind of brown stain, but I didn’t wash it off because I was too much in a hurry to get her picture taken before the sun rose any higher and the mushroom grew any bigger!

19 thoughts on “fairy stools

  1. Those are such sweet photos!!! Reminds me of a book I loved when I was a little girl!! 🙂

    I also think I worked in dr’s offices a little too long as the title of this post confused me at first!! stools took me in a whole ‘nother direction!!! 😉

  2. Loved seeing this latest post…so very special with the Wee Folks gathering around the toadstools. These images are another example of your amazing eye and your sensitivity to nature. Thanks for capturing these lovely moments and for sharing them with us all! Pam

  3. The fact these little fairies blend so realistically into the real life natural world of the toadstools is why I love your work so much!

  4. I have this little girl fairy and I just love her…especially her beautiful red hair. I have quite a few of your glorious fairies, but it would be nice to have that little boy, too. They are so adorable sitting on the magical mushrooms.

  5. What enchanting photos Salley, so now we know…there are real fairies living on toadstools, all we need to do is go into the woods at daybreak ;0)

  6. Oh, these are perfect! What a great setting for your charming fairies.

    I love your work, and adored your exhibit in Brattleboro. I’ve made two felt people for my daughter and am planning a felt family portrait for a fall project. My six year-old son loves the felt people, too, and has decided that he and I should devote every weekend to making an entire nation of felt people, and all the homes and schools and shops and skyscrapers and so on they will need for their world. (He’s an idea man, my son.) :o) Thanks for the beauty and inspiration!

  7. If you ever doubted the existence of fairies, this post would be proof positive. I wonder how you got them to sit still long enough to take their pictures.

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