new page added-FAQ

Salley finishing “Rabbitat”, May 2011

The same questions keep coming up about my work,  so I’m adding a page of Frequently Asked Questions. Things like, “Do you use a sewing machine?”or “Will you write another how-to book?” or “May I make and sell dolls from your book, Felt Wee Folk?” I’ve already written about most of the issues on this blog, but I can’t expect everyone to spend hours combing through all 233 posts.

See the FAQ page here.

7 thoughts on “new page added-FAQ

  1. I left the comment on the FAQ post instead of this one. I really like your work and have read most of the posts on your blog and website. I also think that the picture for this post is wonderful. thank you for your work – you are an inspiration. bh

  2. Thankyou Salley for sharing your beautiful work with me. I bought your Pocketful of Posies book in Australia in March and then purchased the Felt Wee Folk book too! Both books are BEAUTIFUL! I admire your work so much, thankyou again cheers K

  3. That’s a great picture of you and your work. I am curious, do you work with the felt in some sort of frame? I can’t tell what the board is that the work is resting on.

  4. As the author of a popular blog, I often get a lot of people saying, Deepa, we absolutely love your blog, thank you for writing about these things, thank you for the photos, etc etc. Frankly I’ve never really understood what they were saying.

    But now, here I am, drowning in pleasure…your blog contains peace and grace and transports me to a different place where the slow beauty of life finds expression in little things. I find myself wanting to reach out to you just as all those readers reached out to me!

    Thank you, Salley. For the beauty and the grace and the timeless quality of your work.

    • Thank you for these words, Deepa. Same as you, I’m not aware of the impact my blog has on people and just share what interests me. It is so helpful to hear from readers. You’ve expressed your thoughts beautifully!

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