weekend in Muscatine, Iowa

I spent the weekend in Muscatine, Iowa, giving a doll making workshop and attending the reception for the Pocketful of Posies Exhibit at the Muscatine Art Center.

The 50 original fabric relief  illustrations fit perfectly in the museum’s modern exhibit space, which is an addition built onto an old mansion. The lighting was so well done that it looked as if there was no glass protecting the artwork. Thank you to Katy, Barb and to the other staff at the museum who made the show look so good! My artwork will be on display until June 19th.

In Saturday’s workshop, we spent all day wrapping pipe cleaners and sewing little felt clothes for our dolls.

Everyone made at least 2 figures, with fairies being the most popular.

In the past, I’ve learned that my students get stressed over painting the faces, so I brought bead heads that I had painted ahead. That way we had more time to sew. 

This well dressed little guy is being fitted with shoes. We had a great time working and chatting together. Marcella found out about the workshop on this blog and drove all the way from Wisconsin to make dolls with us! Sorry, but there are no more workshops planned.

At the reception on Sunday, I met Elaine and her 2 daughters, who came the longest distance–from Texas! She saw on this blog that the Iowa location was probably going to be the closest to her, so she planned a trip around coming here. This home schooling, children’s book loving family also toured several  Little House on the Prairie sites in the midwest, including ones in Wisconsin and S. Dakota. Impressive!

6 thoughts on “weekend in Muscatine, Iowa

  1. Indeed, all of the participants were blessed by your visit and your expertise. I loved reading about the far away travelers who planned their trip around your workshop…hooray for them. Cape Cod is really not far at all, for me, so I will certainly have to consider coming to your next “local” workshop…if you decide to do one sometime. Thanks for these lovely photos…Muscatine looks like a lovely spot!

  2. Those ladies are fortunate to have the opportunity to learn first hand and from the pictures I see that your art work had wonderful lighting. That is so important to all artists. Congratulations to all. Thank you for your work.

  3. I can only imagine what fun people had in your class! I have had such a delightful time making dolls from your book. I have made them for friends in Japan, France and Norway. Each doll was made to match the interests of the recipient. I recall making one for a lady who does wood-carving, so her doll had a tiny carved bread board. Another was for a teen boy, in Norway. I carved a Marge Simpson head for that doll. Thank you, Salley, for the inspiration!!!!

  4. I was one of the lucky ones who attended the workshop. We did have a wonderful time. Salley, you’re right about the lighting on the display. I touched a couple of them because I couldn’t believe they didn’t have glass on them, only to see that yes, they did. That’s so exciting that a family would drive from Texas to meet you. Your book is beautiful but it’s truly amazing to see the illustrations “in person”.

  5. Such lucky participants! I’m sure the effort was worth it for the travelers. I feel like a slacker that I didn’t drive from Georgia now LOL! It looks like such fun – so nice for you to do that.

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