Iris Fairy

I’ve finished another limited edition of 25 fairies, just in time for the holidays. Iris has auburn braids and a purple petal skirt and wings.

Iris Fairy

Update: All of the Iris fairy dolls have sold. Sorry, but I no longer make dolls to sell.

Iris Fairy

I’ve found that I can usually find enough matching flower petals and wings to make a group (or swarm) of 25 fairies.

a swarm of fairies?

It’s a manageable number to make at one time and then I feel free to move on to other projects.

fairy legs

Instructions and patterns for making fairies like this are in my how-to book,  Felt Wee Folk: Enchanting Projects.

embroidered fairy tunics

Here are the petal petticoats, all stacked and ready to dress the fairies.

petal fairy petticoats

Now they’re waiting for their turn in the braiding salon.

before going to the braiding salon

17 thoughts on “Iris Fairy

  1. Oh Salley,

    An entire flock of fairies, just adorable. What do you use for the hair? it is just perfect.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


  2. Such a lovely little fairy! I am the proud owner of three of your delightful fairies, plus I’ve made an untold number from your wonderful book; they are fun and addictive.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving, Salley.

  3. I have just ordered my Iris. I have about a dozen of your exquisitely beautiful faeries, Salley, and will hopefully be collecting more long into the future. I cannot resist them….they are so sweet and magical.

  4. So neat. I got a couple of your kits years ago and I still have the two little fairies I made. Now I’m inspired to make them again! I made them into pins and I always get compliments when I wear them.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  5. What a fun post and great photos! When I got to the “swarm” I just started smiling! “The braiding salon” cracked me up! So cute, so funny, so whimsical..and sweet.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Salley I would love to buy one of these little lasses….but I wonder if Australian Quarantine would have a problem with their plant material hat….have you had any problems with that in the past?

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