Fairy Houses by Jaylee

There were some wonderful new vendors at the Waldorf School of Cape Cod’s  Holiday Faire last weekend. I just had to take pictures of these Fairy Houses by Jaylee. Friends, Jane and Rosalie have joined forces to make these internally lit lamps and night lights. They’d be cute in a child’s room, but I think all ages would enjoy an indoor fairy house like this.

The fairy furniture is a fun way to use old wooden spools.

It looks like the creators frequent floral supply businesses for moss, dried mushrooms and artificial flowers.

9 thoughts on “Fairy Houses by Jaylee

  1. Imagination is such a wonderful gift! Bringing it to life is hard but loving work. These are so intricately detailed. It captures you and pulls you in. Thank you for taking me on this magical journey!

  2. I am SO INSPIRED by your work, Sally, and the others on this site! I bought your Wee Folks book and plan to work on some dolls over my Christmas holiday. Is there a good source to purchase the flower petals that are disassembled or do you have to purchase the whole flowers?

    I also think paper mache’ would be a good medium for constructing 3D forms. I use newspaper or pgs. out of old phone books and liquid stayflo starch.

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