Pocket Lady & giveaway winners

The Pocket Lady came by when I was signing copies of Pocketful of Posies at the Waldorf School of Cape Cod’s Holiday Faire on Saturday. My neighbor, Joy, was playing the role and letting children pick out small presents from a pocket for the price of a ticket. I made the pocket lady costume about 20 years ago, when I was a parent in the school. It’s adapted from a nightgown pattern and made out of red velveteen, with upholstery fabric pockets and lots of bells. I’m glad to see it continue to be used every year!

Pocket Lady

And now for the giveaway winners! Three people have been picked at random from the 80 who left comments. Congratulations to Domestic Diva, Marabilys (from France) and Emma (from Australia), who will each receive a hardcover copy of In the Heart. The book is out-of-print, but my local bookstore, Eight Cousins Books sells autographed copies (508 548 5548).

In the Heart, 2001

6 thoughts on “Pocket Lady & giveaway winners

  1. I wonder were the tradition of a pocket lady comes from? My youngest child’s school also has a pocket lady who walks around during the Spring Social. One of the moms at the school said she had a pocket lady at her school so she made the costume. If anyone knows the story behind the pocket lady, I’d love to hear.

    PS Congrats to the winners!

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