Pocketful of Borders: Go to bed first

There are only 5 more borders to make before we hang the first installment of the Pocketful of Posies Traveling Exhibit at Highfield Hall in Falmouth next week. Besides stitching, all I’ve been doing for the past month is eating, sleeping and occasionally riding my bike for exercise. It takes about 8 to 10 hours of sewing to complete each border, so I’ve been aiming for one a day. My broken wrist  set me back 4 months last winter, so I’m making up for it now.

“Go to bed first, a golden purse” begins the last rhyme in the book.  Here’s my work table with the illustration surrounded by piles of wool felt.

The border colors have been selected and cut.

I was so intent on finishing this one, that I skipped taking pictures of the stitching process. The rug under the beds is decorated with embroidery on felt, with thread tassels.

The different beds are made with found objects like beads, dowels, and hollow thorns.

It’s always a good idea to end a bedtime story book with a picture of a sleeping child.

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15 thoughts on “Pocketful of Borders: Go to bed first

  1. Look at all that luscious felt! Look at those adorable beds! Look at the beautiful rug beneath the beds!

    Salley, wishing you the absolute best for getting them done on time. You really have made up for lost time with your broken wrist. Thankfully, we have lovely weather this weekend, so enjoy it while sewing!

  2. whew! you are really down to the wire…what i love is you compromise absolutely NOTHING in your work. the push is on, but you’re sure to make it.

    i am over-the-top in love with those found object bed posts. another beautiful piece Salley!!…fingers still crossed for a mpls stop for the exhibit.

  3. Hi Sally, You are an Incredibly talented Woman…I Love what you do it makes me smile every time I see your work….Do you do Classes?? I Live in Norwood Massachusettes……
    🙂 Dee Comber

  4. You are truly a master of the needle! I just got my autographed copy (and thank you for your inscription and personalized drawings dedicated to our two grandies) from Eight Cousins Book Shop. It arrived in no time, which is a good thing because I was very anxious to see your newest book. I am almost speechless regarding the detail and the exquisiteness of the work. I wonder where you get your felt since it is so thick and subtle looking…and I adore the muted colors that you use. Thank you again for creating this treasure, and then for signing my copy, which will become a valued addition/edition in our library. Bless you and good luck as you complete your borders! Wish that I could get some time away to visit the exhibit in Falmouth, but I hope to see it sometime in the future.

  5. Amazon says that they have shipped my book and I just can’t wait for it to arrive. I really should have ordered two copies. One to look at and read and one to put in a special box only to be opened by a person wearing gloves so it can be handed down as an hierloom. This is a true work of art.

  6. Oh my goodness – those are the most clever little beds! You are working so hard on these little masterpieces! Anyone who sees this show will be very priviledged.

  7. Hi Salley, Glad both our states missed Earl! I have a new email address (above.) Our internet provider changed. I can’t remember how to order your new book–would love to have it. Do you send it or was it a bookstore in your town? I can’t wait to see it–have loved your posts. You truly live in a magical place–and most magical is your studio!

  8. Salley – As I read your words I couldn’t help but think how appropriate it was that you final project sums up what you are probably feeling about now – Go To Bed First!! When the exhibit is hanging and all is said and done – that first night of complete rest will feel wonderful I am sure!

    It all looks wonderful!! We will be thinking of you as the count-down begins!!

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