Closeups (grapes)

I smelled grapes this morning. Wild Concord grape vines strangle the trees along the bike path and their dark purple fruit is ripening. Women were picking low growing grapes and filling plastic bags. Here are some closeups of grapes in my artwork over an almost 50 year span.

crayon on lined paper, 1960 (age 5)

This pin was made by covering red beads with sheer lavender fabric. Read the story of my pins here.

pin, 1978

The grapes in this fabric relief piece were made the same way as the pin, but about 1/2 the size. I used real curly grape vines. See another detail from “Vineyard Family” here.

detail from “Vineyard Family” 1985

Here’s one from my kitchen faux tiles, which you can see here.

faux tile, 1991

Here’s a scene from Mary Had a Little Lamb, when the lamb was following Mary to school. See other closeups from the book here.

detail from “Mary Had a Little Lamb” 1995

And this is a felt pin from my how-to book, Felt Wee Folk: Enchanting Projects.

felt pin from “Felt Wee Folk” 2003

Note: See other posts in the Close-ups series archive here.

6 thoughts on “Closeups (grapes)

  1. I enjoy seeing your work evolving, and love the various media that you use along your journey. You are very inspiring and continue to encourage me to do better….no “sour grapes” here! 😉

  2. Love all the grapes but particularly like the “faux tile.” That whimsical kitty and grape wine are just delightful! So glad to see them used in your art.

    Wild Concord grapes are less abundant than they used to be in CT probably due to the fact this small state has been developed heavily. Serendipity to smell them like that!

    Years ago I would gather branches for wreaths on the property I owned then and decorate the dried wreaths to sell. Definitely a New England a New England icon with a distinct odor that heralds oncoming autumn.

    Did you get your borders done?

  3. All great grapes…love the way you thought to cover them with sheer fabric for that dusty look that concord grapes have. I always love another peek at the faux tiles in the kitchen. I just adore those. I think I especially love the post you wrote about making them sort of on the fly and then they ended up staying for so long- and that’s because they are SO GOOD!! 😉

  4. All 3 of your books arrived (the signed one from “Eight Cousins” came yesterday) and it is SO multi-layered….I have one open on the page being perused and it takes a long time to see all the details. The signed one is for me, the 2nd for my first grandchild (was just told my daughter-in-law is pregnant and we’re ecstatic about it) and the 2nd one for a 2nd child if she ever gets pregnant again. So….the little ones hoped for have theirs awaiting their birth and they will love them. You must be SO happy to come to the end of the project….such a huge endeavor with the show. DO list where it will be in the remote chance of being near one. Congratulations!!

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