Wee Folk: July Fairies

Here are some fairies that were caught on film during the month of July a few years ago. They were all sighted within a 1/4 mile of my house. 

Also, take a look at my interview with the Empty Easel, an online art magazine which features practical advice, tips, and tutorials for creating and selling art.

9 thoughts on “Wee Folk: July Fairies

  1. Really nice interview!

    I received the note cards for a gift years ago…and used them to pass along fairy fun to other lovers of whimsy. The photos of the fairies are so VERY good and cute! So inspired was I that I actually photographed some of my own much bigger dolls in the garden.

    Do you take your own photos? The photography is always so wonderful on this blog!

    • Thanks, Helen. I’m glad to hear that you took pictures of your own dolls outside. I take most of the pictures and progress documentation of projects for the blog. The pictures of my fabric relief work, including illustrations, are taken by professionals because the lighting and focus are so important. I must say that photographing dolls in nature can be tricky. You want the dolls to be the center of attention, not their surroundings. Nature is so glorious, that it’s hard to compete!

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