Cedar Swamp Trail

My husband and I went 50 miles down Cape to the National Seashore and visited  a cedar swamp. The outer part of Cape Cod has low growing pines, which are stunted from the wind and salt spray coming from the Atlantic Ocean. It’s also much more sandy and open to the elements compared to the forested, sheltered and harbor filled southwestern part where we live.

The Cedar swamp is a short hike inland and downhill to a protected, peat-filled wetland. A board walk circles through the forest, so you can really see inside. This light and decay resistant wood was prized by the early European settlers and quickly cleared out of the Cape’s swamps.

The resilient cedars have returned, but the trees are no where near the 3′ in diameter that the settlers cut. The green moss-covered ground contrasted with the red tinted swamp water. A biologist friend told me that the orangey red color appears when the iron in the decaying material is oxidized.

It’s a magical place, with so many perfect areas for fairy houses. I wish that I’d brought some dolls along, to take their picture, but the park service wouldn’t have liked me dancing across the moss!

5 thoughts on “Cedar Swamp Trail

  1. These are the most amazing and wonderful photos! It definitely does look magical. We have cedar swamps in CT, too.

    For 40 years, my aunt and uncle lived on Cedar Swamp Road which was aptly named.

    I have never seen a swamp as beautiful as your photos, though. Maybe I just didn’t look close enough. That red contrast is breathtaking!

  2. What an interesting place! I haven’t seen anything like this, before…….such wonderful colors! I noticed the face in the tree trunk…what fun! What is the name of the book showing your forest lady in this blog? I love it!!! Nancy

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