Wee Folk: Dandelion & Poppy


This little guy was able to hold onto a dandelion long enough to take his picture. And this fairy wanted to swing on a poppy stem, but looks a bit wary. Learn how to make dolls like these from my how-to book, Felt Wee Folk: Enchanting Projects.

Red Poppy

8 thoughts on “Wee Folk: Dandelion & Poppy

  1. Very cute! I have made many items from Felt Wee Folk: Enchanting Projects.

    I used your tutorial on HGTV to show my doll club how to make fairies. That is a more abbreviated version but still quite cute. The ideas/patterns/photographs in the book are just wonderful.

    (It irks me when I see people selling Mavor fairies without giving credit for the pattern. But, that’s the way of the world, I guess…my own work has been copied as well. )

    Posing & photographing dolls is on of my passions…the fairies with the flowers are terrific! The dandelion shot is amazing with him looking at the bud.

    • Thanks for your comments, Helen. I’m so glad that you’ve been sharing the fairies from the book and glad to know that you also pose dolls for photography. As for copies, I’ve asked the many Etsy members who make and sell my designs to give me credit and they have mostly complied.

  2. Beautiful Wee Folk! I am always impressed by the skilled composition and vibrant colours of your doll photographs. (And yes, you get full credit when I sell Felt Wee Folk-inspired dolls at our local farmers’ market!)

    (A belated thanks as well for help on felt sources!)

  3. I am so happy to find your blog! I used to page and page through your Wee Fairy Folk book again and again. Your work is so organic and natural and just wonderful! I saw something made of felt today, and it made me remember your book, which got packed away when we moved. My daughter has volunteered to go through my boxes of art books and find it tomorrow and I am going to finally try to make some little folk creations inspired by yours – my daughters are adopted from China so I want to make some little girls in qi-pao mandarin dresses, etc. I can’t wait! If she can’t find it, I’ll buy another book – it will be worth it!

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