Close-ups (dogs)


I’d like to present this group of dogs in honor of my pet and studio companion, Ceilidh, who died last month. Her name, pronounced Kay-lee, is from the Gaelic word for a folk music and dance party. This is the last photo I took of her this past winter, just before she turned 14.  She was a lab/golden mix and a real sweetheart who gave us many wonderful years.  

The first picture in the series is a faux tile I made in 1990 for our kitchen.  See all of the tiles on an earlier post here

Faux Tile, 1990

 This white dog is in the “Sidewalks” poem illustration from my book You and Me: Poems of Friendship.  

detail from "You and Me: Poems of Friendship" 1997

 Here’s the dog who laughed to see such sport in Hey, Diddle, Diddle!  

detail from "Hey, Diddle, Diddle!" 2005

This little dog is made from a key, hook eyes and other found objects. See an earlier post about the whole piece, “Walking the Dog”, here.   

detail from "Walking the Dog" 2005

This dog is dancing in a ring around the rosies from my upcoming book, Pocketful of Posies.  

detail from "Pocketful of Posies" 2010

Note: See other posts in the Close-ups series archive here.

10 thoughts on “Close-ups (dogs)

  1. Ceilidh was a beautiful girl. So sorry to hear of her passing. What a lovely tribute to her. It is so hard to lose a pet, especailly one we have had in our lives for a very long time. The tile made me smile. You must think of her and smile when you look at it–such a happy doggy!

  2. Oh … so sorry for your loss. Our two 18 year old cats passed this year and I still think of them every single day! Yes, a precious tribute.

  3. What a nice way to honor your beloved doggie! I used to have one who looked similar…a beautiful pet named, “Honey”. Thank you for sharing Ceilidh with us. So sorry for your loss.

  4. Oh sweet Ceilidh, I am so sorry. You must be missing her. I have a lab cross too, going blonder about the muzzle at 11 now, and I still miss the old beagle cross who preceded her and passed away at 15. Ceilidh seems to have been a terrific inspiration as all of your crafted dogs have that friendly bright-eyed ready-for-action look about them.

  5. The beauty of your love for Ceilidh is evident in each little dog you have created. And while each one has a personality I am amazed (once again) by the one you made with a key (for cryin out loud!). And I absolutely want to put some lovin on the little guy from “pocket full of posies”! Thanks for sharing Ceilidh with us – both in the last picture you took and all of the little ‘pals’ you have created.

  6. I am very sorry for the loss of your Ceilidh. We are very into Gaelic names in our house, so I also appreciate that about you!
    Our pets are truly family members, and it is so sad when they have to leave us. The dogs on your tile and the one from “Hey, Diddle, Diddle” look just like your Ceilidh!

  7. Salley,
    I am sorry for your loss – she was a beautiful girl and I am sure a great comfort to you as my sweet doggies are to me. And I love your varied portrayals of our furry friends. The last reminds me of my chocolate lab Sammy.

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