Pocketful of borders (back to work)

pages 40/41, "Pocketful of Posies" 2010

It’s great to get back to work again and my wrist is feeling much better. I’ve been bicycling a lot and leaning on the handle bars is good therapy. The borders for the originals from Pocketful of Posies are coming along nicely and I’ve finished a couple this week. It’s like matting 2-dimentional pieces of artwork before they’re framed, only I’m creating felt edging to go around the perimeter. Here’s a double-page spread of several rhymes grouped in the same scene.

I added a dark brown rick rack around the outside of the felt border to help separate it from the background upholstery fabric. This shows Mary at the cottage door and Peter the pumpkin eater’s wife in a pumpkin.

Here’s Little Tommy Tittlemouse with his fishing pole.

Molly My Sister and I, from "Pocketful of Posies" 2010

This rhyme, Molly My Sister and I, has a little wider border. The artwork already has a lot of detailed embroidered foliage, so a plainer border seemed appropriate. 

I added the green ruffled trim at the end, to echo the greenery of the topiary in the interior scene.

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15 thoughts on “Pocketful of borders (back to work)

  1. I’m blown away, your work is so amazing!! Happy for you that you are able to sew again. I’ve ordered every book of yours that I could find.
    Thank you, thank you

  2. Thanks for posting your thought process and showing us visually how you do the framework for your scenes. Seeing another view on something as simple (or not so so simple in your work) is just what is needed sometimes to get you thinking and inspired for your own work. I love it when I see another persons’ work and it gets you dreaming about what I could do with my own.


    • I’m glad that you are getting something from my descriptions. Sometimes it’s a challenge to explain how and why one makes choices in the visual arts. We use instinct more than make rational decisions. Writing about it helps me figure out stuff, too.

  3. Your work is just enchanting, when do you expect publication of Posies? I can’t wait to purchase it.

    So glad your wrist is getting better day by day, what better therapy than your fabulous work.


    • Thanks, Jenny. The big day is scheduled for Sept. 27th and you can preorder from Amazon.com if you like. My local bookstore, Eight Cousins, (508) 548-5548, will be selling autographed copies, too.

  4. I think this just might be your best book yet! When I saw that mouse fishing, I really smiled. And that topiary! I cannot even find words to say how delightful this is!

    So glad you are able to sew again!

  5. Salley, I just adore your stuff- you inspire me so much. The topiary just blows me away. I love how the upholstery fabric looks like a stone wall. Glad your wrist is so much better!

  6. Salley, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such beautiful creations. Like the others I find you such an inspiration. I’m really hoping I will be able to get a copy of the book dispatched to the UK.

  7. I am filled with delight as I study your artwork and can’t wait for this book to be published! Every little detail brings me joy! I’m so happy you are able to work, now, with improvement in your wrist. Don’t you get so tickled with each new idea that pops into your head? It thrills me to see what you do!

  8. dear salley,
    amazing work…it is breathless.
    i am associated to waldorf education through a school in hyderabad,india.i was a parent and my son was the first few children who studied in sloka from the year 1997,right from the initiation of the school.i am very grateful to anthroposophy and waldorf education which has transformed me into a better humanbeing.
    i have a crving fr handwork so alongwith my training as a kindergarten teacher i have my hands on craft and handwork,i came across your page and i was breathles fr a few seconds,i would be glad if i could keep in touch with you so i could be motivated and inspired by your classic work.i am sure you would not mind.
    looking forward to a long lasting friendship,
    your”s humbly,

  9. Salley: love everything miniature and just purchased two of your books. Am like a kid in a candy store, looking at all the details. Can’t wait to share the book with my sister and start crafting those beautiful fairies. Love it, love it, love it. Makes me feel like a kid again. Keep up the fantastic work. Linda

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