Early morning bike ride

7:00 am on the bike path looking toward Martha's Vineyard Island

I went for an early morning ride on the bike path Friday morning. Honeysuckle perfumed the air as I rode towards Woods Hole. Everything was still, without the usual strong off-shore breeze and  I could tell that this was going to be the most beautiful day.    

Looking across Vineyard Sound

The Rosa Rugosa are just starting to bloom along the bike path, which travels along the shore on the old train track right of way. Trains used to go from New York and Boston to the dock in Woods Hole, where people could board the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard.  

Woods Hole's tricentennial t-shirt design, 1979

Here’s a drawing I made for Woods Hole’s tricentennial t-shirt in 1979, which shows the train on the ferry pier. It’s based on a map from the 1800’s.

detail of Woods Hole Train Station

Rosa Rugosa growing on the edge of the beach

Rosa Rugosa

Across Vineyard Sound there was a clear view of Martha’s Vineyard Island, which is 3 miles away. After the morning excercise, I felt I could go inside and sit and stitch for a few hours.   

View of Nobska Point, Woods Hole

8 thoughts on “Early morning bike ride

  1. Thank you for sharing these most beautiful memories. It makes me lonesome for the sights of Woods Hole, Martha’s Vineyard, etc. What a blessing to live where you do! I am happy that you are healed and able to be out and about, enjoying the incredible natural beauty of your area. I am sure that is where you get much inspiration for your creations! Thank goodness and God for your vision and talent! Blessings and good wishes to you. By the way, I loved the border and detail of the heading on this blog page!

  2. What a beautiful walk! I love sea roses…so nice to see them. Your tee shirt design was really neat. So much has changed in New England–even since 1979–but the beauty never changes. I could not live anywhere else.

  3. Thank you for taking me back in time to when I rode the train from NYC to Woods Hole every summer.
    Love your photos.

  4. I dearly love your part of the world, but haven’t been there for
    decades. A dear old friend, Leslie Baker, a wonderful painter lives on The Vineyard. She does superb MV landscapes, among other things. If you ever run into her, please say hello!
    She’d love your work as well. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll
    introduce her to it. She’s also done a number of children’s books. Another perfectionist, just like you, m’dear.

  5. I love the beach plums so much…the ones at Stoney were the best!

    Man, I long for WH. My sis had that design from the tricentennial hanging on her wall…I wonder where it is now…

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