And the winners are…

I had the pleasure of judging the Felt Smack Down 2010 “Challenge Alert”, which was organized by Patty from My life under the bus.  You can see all the projects entered in the contest on her blog here. The premise of the challenge was to make something based on my Felt Wee Folk book. Here are the results! It was very rewarding to see such a variety of entries to the contest. Everyone’s felt project showed imagination and oozed enthusiasm, so it was fun to look at all the submissions, knowing that there was a lot of thought and labor invested in each one. 

I looked for what I thought was the best character development, color choices, workmanship and presentation. I also was interested in how the projects from my book could inspire someone to come up with their own ideas and interpretations. 

Prizes are for the following projects: 

1st prize- Alison of Acorn Cottage for her Little Bo Peep. See her blog here

First Prize, Little Bo Peep made by Alison

Little Bo Peep with sheep made by Alison

2nd prize- Caroline for her handsome fellow 

Second Prize, Handsome Fellow made by Caroline

3rd prize- Loralynn’s Cottage  

Third Prize, Loralynn's Cottage

Thank you to Patty for organizing this contest and to all the folks who committed themselves and worked on projects over the last few weeks. That’s a lot of blanket stitches!

5 thoughts on “And the winners are…

  1. I wanted to thank you, not only for your kind words and appreciation of my own entry, but for taking the time to judge the contest. After looking at all the entries, I can imagine what a difficult time you must have had making a decision. I have found your book a great inspiration, and have loved your work for many years. It means a lot to me to have you see my “homage” to your wee felt folks.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to judge the Felt Smack Down! I’m so glad I wasn’t judging because I wouldn’t have been able to choose! Your work inspired me to to try something new and I had fun doing it!

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