Favorites (Edward Lear)

This alphabet book by the prince of nonsense verse, Edward Lear (1812-1888), seems timely, considering my broken arm, which is much improved, by the way. This 1944 edition was on a book shelf  in my parents’ house. Here’s the title page and some pages from the book, which was illustrated by G. S. Sherwood. Note the unsentimental ending, with the zinc-lined coffin! This was a different age of children’s literature. Read more about Lear here.

2 thoughts on “Favorites (Edward Lear)

  1. I have always loved Lear’s limericks…and was thrilled to see his ABC book. I have never had the pleasure of seeing it before, and that is after all my years of teaching elementary school and collecting ABC books! I love the illustrations as well…and wasn’t familiar with Sherwood either. Very charming…thank you for sharing this. Hope you continue to heal and are filling your hours with fun times and events. My thoughts are with you and blessings too! Pam

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