Felt Wee Folk Challenge Alert!

Word just in that Patty from My life under the bus has announced a Felt Smack Down 2010 “Challenge Alert”. The premise of the challenge is to make something based on my Felt Wee Folk book . Please visit her blog to find out details and to let her know if you are interested in participating, since she’s limiting the number of submissions. Patty has asked me to judge the projects, which really sounds like fun. This is giving me the idea of offering some kind of contest myself in the future. 

Felt Wee Folk: Enchanting Projects

4 thoughts on “Felt Wee Folk Challenge Alert!

  1. You are so sweet ! Thanks so much for the blurb – I already have my project planned out !!! I can’t wait to order my goodies : )

    Have a great Day, Patty

  2. Hi! I’ve signed up for the Felt Smack Down, and I’m very excited. 🙂 I’ve loved sewing with felt since I was very small and my grandmother gave me and my sister some of her felt scraps to make mice out of. 🙂

    Have wanted your book for some time as well and finally got around to buying it with Christmas money. Can’t wait til it arrives. Your work is beautiful. 🙂


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