Self-Portrait on CTpub’s blog

Announcement! Today, C&T Publishing’s blog is posting an article I wrote about my self-portrait. You can see it here. There are other photos of Self-Portrait: my personal history of fashion on my first blog post here.

detail from my Self-Portrait, 2007

4 thoughts on “Self-Portrait on CTpub’s blog

  1. Salley, I love this portrait. I printed out a copy when I first stumbled upon your blog, and it lives in my inspiration file. I love your use of color, and you make it seem so easy, when I know it’s not. Everything works so well together without blending into the same values, or being too contrasty. How do you do it? Lots of experience and experimentation, I’m sure… Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. Words cannot express how much I love your self-portrait and all of your wee folk dolls! Love, love, love. I think I should add a printout of the portrait to *my* inspiration board, as well.

  3. I cannot believe the tiny detail – and the immense work that goes into these ! The clothes alone are amazing. Really beautiful !!!

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