Milkweed Pods


milkweedtitlepageWMThe pods are light and almost have the texture of handmade paper. They open up in the fall, bursting with the most delicate, downy seeds and their boat-like shape and small size make a fitting bed for a little person.


This sleeping girl nestled in her milkweed bed is in my board book, Wee Willie Winkie.milkweed2@WM

For more ideas on wee doll bedding, visit my post about walnut shells here.

8 thoughts on “Milkweed Pods

  1. Beautiful! I’m taking a break from some large-scale construction to read this, and it’s a lovely reminder of handwork (and Nature-work!) that is kinder to one’s senses! I’m looking forward to playing with milkweed pods and dolls again, when I can carve out the time!

  2. I have made many of the fairies following the directions in the books and they are beautiful! I have a fairy tree with all the faries hanging and climbing through the tree. I have been a fan of Salley Mavor for many years. When my daughter was in elementary school they had a book day that included crafts linked to books. I chose “The Hollyhock Wall’ for my craft area. We made little planters with clay pot trays filled with dirt and planted grass seed and stuck branches in for trees. The kids could make stone walls, clay figures and do anything to make their own miniature worlds. This was the favorite station I was told by the organizers….even the boys loved it!!

    • I’m glad to hear that you’ve been able to use my book in your child’s class. I used to visit classrooms to talk about books and illustration. We’d make little gardens in tuna cans, similar to what you describe. Your fairy tree sounds magical, too.

  3. I LOVE these! I found your book felt wee folk so inspiring, and now i found your blog with even more inspiring images!
    Do you know where milkweed grows? I dont think ive seen any here in georgia.

    • I’m glad that you’re enjoying the book. We have milkweed in New England and I’m not sure how far south it grows. It likes wet areas like marshes. I even found some in a weed-infested parking lot in the middle of Hyannis here on Cape Cod.

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