Christmas cards past

Throughout her lifetime, my mother, Mary Mavor, made some beautiful Christmas cards,which she sent out every year. This selection spans many years, from the late 40’s to the 90’s. Some of her early cards were done in blue print, which she commonly used in the 50’s for reproducing small print runs.  

by Mary Hartwell (Mavor), hand colored blue print, about 1947


by Mary Mavor, hand colored blue print, about 1950


by Mary Mavor, 3 color silk screen, about 1955


by Mary Mavor, hand colored off set print, 1990

7 thoughts on “Christmas cards past

  1. Merry Christmas ! I am such a huge fan ! I LOVE that Wee Folk book so you are more then welcome for the mention : ) . Now I am glad to have found your blog !!!

  2. Just re-used the Partidge card with a Christmas gift for Sheila…had forgotten that your mom made those – wonderful!! Love ‘m all!

  3. aha….like mother like daughter.
    What a treasured collection and that you have saved and preserved it!
    I LOVE creating hand-made Christmas cards!
    When I mentioned Tasha Tudor, I was thinking of her traditions!

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