Holiday cards and more

SNOW note card

Are you looking for a cheerful, wintry Holiday card to send to family and friends this year? I just added this snow scene to the line of note cards in my Etsy Shop. Snow was an illustration in my 1997 picture book, You and Me: Poems of Friendship. We recently rephotographed the original fabric relief piece after borrowing it from the person who bought it years ago. The image just called out to be made into a card! It and other cards in my shop are sold in packs of 4 and 8. Snow is also part of the Winter Sampler, which includes 4 different winter scenes populated with warmly dressed wee folk characters happily playing in the snow and fairies riding reindeer.

Winter Sampler note cards

Winter Play features sample figures from my how-to book Felt Wee Folk: New Adventures. To see how the scene was photographed, visit this post.

Winter Play note card
Sample dolls in the how-to book Felt Wee Folk: New Adventures

One winter afternoon, when the light was low, I got down on the ground and took this photograph of a group of fairies going for a Reindeer Ride.

Reindeer Ride note card

Frosty Morning was inspired by what I saw early one January morning, when every bare branch sparkled with ice crystals. Learn more about this piece and the series of seasonal landscapes I’ve been working on for the past couple of years here.

Frosty Morning note card

I also offer a mixed pack of 3 different scenes in the series of seasonal landscapes that capture the wonder and magic of the natural world, both real and imagined.

Since so many of you’ve enjoyed my recipe for Cheese Straws over the years, I decided to make a card with the cozy kitchen scene on the front and the recipe for making cheese straws printed on the back. That way, it’s a greeting card (or Holiday card) and recipe card all in one. Get an inside peek at making the family in the doll house kitchen here.

Cheese Straws note cards (recipe on back)

Enter my Etsy Shop here. Cards are sold in packs of 4 and 8 with free shipping. In addition to a large selection of note cards, my shop sells other printed reproductions of my embroidered artwork in autographed books, posters, playing cards and jigsaw puzzles.

A note to my international fans: I’m really sorry, but due to the high cost of shipping overseas and unreasonable delays, I now only ship within the US and to Canada.

Birds of Beebe Woods jigsaw puzzle

Two jigsaw puzzle designs, Birds of Beebe Woods and Harvest Time were just added to my shop. I’m glad to report that they are back in stock after quickly selling out. The puzzles are exclusively available through my Etsy Shop.

Is there a particular piece of mine that you would like to see in puzzle form? I’m planning to have more puzzles made and would love to hear your suggestions. Illustrations from my books MY BED and Pocketful of Posies can’t be reproduced, but other stand alone pieces are a possibility, if I have hires photos. Please leave a comment with your suggestions.

Birds of Beebe Woods jigsaw puzzle
Harvest Time jigsaw puzzle
Harvest Time jigsaw puzzle

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7 thoughts on “Holiday cards and more

      • So admire and love your work. Wish traveling was easier for me or I would have come to your exhibit. I have MS. Not too bad but travel is not my friend any more. Wishing you all the best for this Winter Solstice Season. Our other cousin, Kathleen Armour, daughter of Sasha Mavor, is a master quilter. maybe we could join forces sometime and drive down to see you. That would be a goodness, ya? Warmest regards,

      • Thank you so much for contacting me. You and Kathleen and any other cousins are welcome to visit! I met Eric here in Woods Hole a while back and Charlotte in PEI a few years ago.

  1. Your work makes me happy! I would love to have all of your “Seasons” made in to puzzles. I am buying “Harvest Time” and plan to frame it for me to smile at each time I see it. I would do the same to the rest of the series and be in a very happy frame of mind. Thank you for my smiles.

  2. I love that you’re getting some of your work made into puzzles! I’d like to make two suggestions for good future puzzles: the wee folk gathering (bunches of assorted wee folks crowded together), and the wee folk babies in sea shells. those look like they’d make challenging but very rewarding puzzles!

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