Jigsaw Puzzles!

Birds of Beebe Woods jigsaw puzzle

I’m excited to share the news that jigsaw puzzles are now available in my Etsy Shop! For a long time, fans have suggested that my work would translate well into puzzle form. I thought so, too, but was too busy stitching to do anything about it. After years of searching for a high quality product and an economically feasible manufacturing arrangement, I’ve finally decided to test the market with two puzzle designs; Birds of Beebe Woods and Harvest Time.

Birds of Beebe Woods jigsaw puzzle

The 300 piece 12″ x 16″ puzzles are suitable for older children as well as adults. At this size, the puzzle pieces can easily spread out on a card table instead of taking over the dining room table. And it won’t take an interminable amount of time to piece together the image. Of course, some people love nothing more than to get sucked into a seemingly never-ending puzzle. I’m kind of like that and have to regulate my puzzle time, lest my obsessive nature takes over.

Birds of Beebe Woods jigsaw puzzle, box front and back

After our Thanksgiving meal, my family put together the Birds of Beebe Woods puzzle. It was more challenging than expected!

The puzzles are exclusively available through my Etsy Shop. They were just listed a few days ago and are selling so well that I’m having more made.
A note to my international fans: I’m really sorry, but due to the high cost of shipping overseas and unreasonable delays, I now only ship within the US and to Canada.

Is there a particular piece of mine that you would like to see in puzzle form? I’m planning to have more puzzles made and would love to hear your suggestions. Illustrations from my books MY BED and Pocketful of Posies can’t be reproduced, but other stand alone pieces are a possibility, if I have hires photos. Please leave a comment with your suggestions.

Harvest Time Jigsaw Puzzle
Harvest Time jigsaw puzzle, box front and back

BIRDS OF BEEBE WOODS is a hand-stitch tableau of birds common to North America. I made the piece to celebrate the town forest in Falmouth, MA. Birds pictured: cardinal, nuthatch, warbler, crow, wren, downy woodpecker, blue jay, cedar waxwing, gold finch and robin.

Birds of Beebe Woods jigsaw puzzle

HARVEST TIME is the fall scene in a series of seasonal landscapes that capture the wonder and magic of the natural world, both real and imagined. The piece is entirely stitched by hand and incorporates a variety of materials, including driftwood, wool felt, beads and wire.

Harvest Time jigsaw puzzle

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5 thoughts on “Jigsaw Puzzles!

  1. Hi Salley, really love the puzzles! Any chance they could come with a larger number of pieces? I have a puzzler in the family who loves 1,000 piece puzzles AND birds — if that magic combination were to appear for the Birds of Beebe Woods, I’d be first in line!

    Have a wonderful holiday season!

    • Thank you for your suggestion, Gina. I agree that a 1000 piece puzzle would be great, but for a small operation like mine, manufacturing large puzzles isn’t economically feasible. So I compromised on the smaller version.

  2. c ‘est merveilleux !! j ‘adore votre travail et ne regrette qu ‘une chose c ‘est de ne pas ‘avoir vos livres traduit en français ! dommage , j’aurai aimé en faire pour mes petits enfants et arrières petits enfants !
    en avance , Bonne Fêtes de Noel et Bonne Année!

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