another scene from Felt Wee Folk 2


With the cold of winter upon us, it’s been easy to get into the spirit of my next scene for the 2nd edition of Felt Wee Folk, which will be published in 2015. The set-up includes a snowy hillside and an icy pond made of paraffin. I built the hill with chicken wire and wood. Then, I covered it with old-fashioned fluffy “snow” fabric that drapes in a convincing snow-like manner. I sprinkled on a product called Buffalo Snow Flurries, which looks like plastic bag material chewed up into really small pieces. It falls and glitters like snow, but feels nasty and gets over everything. I added old fake pine trees that my husband’s family had and some real bayberry branches that look like miniature trees.

We’ve moved the photography operation into my studio and used a light box for the first time. With flood lights shining on the outside of its white walls, a softly lit space is created inside. Rob set up his computer on my ironing board and monitored the shots.


The dolls in the scene are skiing, skating, sledding, tobogganing and making a snow man. Even Jack Frost makes an appearance!


20 thoughts on “another scene from Felt Wee Folk 2

  1. It’s looking lovely and I can’t wait for the new updated book to come out. I’ve often thought to use a light box too. Would you say it has made a difference, eg to the overall lighting? They look really nifty! It’s a shame the tiny little scenes have to be dissembled afterwards, but when captured in a beautiful photograph, they will last forever!! The best of luck with on going work, looking forward to the book so much! Kind regards, Susannah from Verity Hope (in England).

    • Oh, yes, Susannah, the light box has been very effective. You don’t have to use such a large one– you can get them in a variety of sizes. Now, we don’t have to wait for a hazy day and possibly freeze outside.

  2. Happy Holidays Salley!
    I have been following and loving your work for years and have your books. I look forward to your new book. Taking a class with you is on my bucket list. Where and when might you someday offer a class somewhat near CT? I assume it’ll be awhile! Perhaps there’s a function you will be exhibiting at where u could see your work. I have missed a few opportunities….😓
    Thanks you for your time!
    Liz F

  3. How adorable.
    Can you tell us more about your Hoosier and the beautiful things inside and hanging on the outside? I am really looking forward to the book :0)
    Merry Christmas

  4. Your winter scene is beautiful! It reminds me of my aunt who, every year, set up a whole little village under her Christmas tree, complete with an ice skating rink. As a little girl, I was always fascinated by it. I really appreciate all your work; you are a very creative, artistic woman!

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