Polly travels close to home

Always patient and quiet, Polly Doll has been standing watch in the studio for almost a year, wondering what her next adventure will be. Since she came into being in 2012, she’s been all over the place, sporting a new outfit for each location. To see her complete travel log and wardrobe, go here.

Times being what they are, Polly has opted to stay close to home and explore the coming of Spring just outside her front door. It’s been the most hassle-free kind of travel without the usual plane, train, car or boat rides. She didn’t even bother with coming up with a new outfit, but mixed and matched clothing from previous trips. Though, she did spiff up her straw hat with silk ribbon flowers, in honor of the season.

Polly has been exploring the lawn and has taken an interest in the vegetable garden, especially the pea plants, which are as tall as she is.

She took this opportunity to go through her wardrobe and air her skirts and tops outside.

There was a perfect spot under a tall oak tree to set up the clothes line.

Staying close to home has its advantages, like the convenience of having all the necessary equipment close by for photo shoots. Polly liked having her picture taken so much that she posed for a series of environmental photographs, which are immortalized on note cards.


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9 thoughts on “Polly travels close to home

  1. So glad to see Polly again. She has s sew adorable. Love her hat redo also. She reminds me of Anne of Green Gables a little bit. Sweet but strong.

  2. Times being what they are…Polly is making the best of things just like all of us. Love your creativity and can’t wait to make a few wee folk of my own!

  3. Hanging clothes out to dry is such balm for the heart. I, too, hung clothes out yesterday. this photo appeals to the old soul in me, and I imagine in all of your fans. So sweet. The paradox of her tiny self amongst other small items such as pea sprouts is an inspiring magnet. Salley, I’m so happy to have crossed paths with you.

    • Thank you for your interest in seeing more of Polly’s travels. She’s had a good run and it’s been fun showing photos of her in different locations. As for a book, I don’t think so. Polly’s staying at home these days and I’ve moved on to other artistic adventures.

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