Ireland 2017: doorways

As promised, here is a series of “still life” photos taken on our recent trip to Ireland. Wherever we travel, the colors, textures and geometric patterns found in doorways and building facades seem to characterize the aesthetic culture of a place. I love how bold paint hues contrast with whitewash and stone in Ireland. The following pictures are from Clifden, the island of Inishbofin and Galway.

13 thoughts on “Ireland 2017: doorways

  1. So neat! Great photo’s! Hope your whole trip was wonderful! Just got back from Colombia myself. Was good to be there with my sister in Bogota and assist her somewhat in some intense stuff going on; may tell you about that later! Now off to rehearsal with Falmouth Chorale…performing next weekend in a Baroque-music concert, that Rob might enjoy! Love, Maria

    • I think it’s just neglect over time. Then there’s the fact that I tent to find worn and weathered buildings a more interesting subject. So, a high proportion appear in my photo collections.

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