“The Way Home” found

I am pleased to announce that a carton full of my first book, The Way Home has been discovered in storage! This is good news for those of you who have been searching for a copy, only to come across old beat up ones, plastered with library stamps. Like most children’s books, The Way Home was only in print for a few years, so it is very hard to find. A limited number of copies are now available for purchase through my Etsy Shop. 

The Way Home was published by MacMillan in 1991 and helped pave the way for other three-dimensional illustrators in the children’s book publishing world. The disarmingly simple story of Savi the elephant is a favorite with young and old alike. The hard cover books are in pristine condition and will be autographed. Custom inscriptions are welcome. Full color illustrations, dust jacket, 32 pages, 8. 5″ x 10.25″.

To find out about how the author, Judy Richardson and I came to do a book together, read this 5 part story.

Judy and Salley with an elephant at the Barnstable County Fair, 1991

“A delightful romp through the jungle… Mavor’s creative, unique collage illustrations make this picture book distinctive. [They are] a combination of soft sculpture and embroidery… The variety of textures is a feast for the eye.” — Starred review, School Library Journal

“Mavor’s three-dimensional fabric collage pictures are charming… they beg to be touched by little fingers as the story unfolds.” — Booklist

Book – The Way Home

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4 thoughts on ““The Way Home” found

  1. Hi Salley, I treasure my (or should I say “my children’s), copy of this book. We adopted three children and Kieron, the first one, was born in 1988, Gregory the second was born in 1989 and Rosie the last one, and would have been the only one if she had arrived first (hahahah), arrived in 1991. All three of them loved this book and I must say, it’s still treasured in the grandchildren-to-come box of books. A beautiful book and my introduction to your beautiful work.  Thank you for your beautiful emails – I love reading them. Wyn Ingham, in a chilly West Yorkshire in England.

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOO! Just sat down to check my email, immediately went to Etsy and discovered that ALL COPIES ARE SOLD ! Are you SURE that another carton isn’t hiding somewhere in the attic? Positively sure?
    Must leave now and search for a tattered yet lovingly, often-read copy on the internet. Wish me luck!

  3. That didn’t last long! Good thing I still have my copy from back in the 1990’s. A friend in New York sent it as a gift for my children here in Australia. Each of my children would like the book but it is mine.

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