Greenland – Ittoqqortoormitt


On his photo excursion to Greenland, my husband Rob visited the northern most village of Ittoqqortoormitt, which is settled by about 300 Inuit. The community has hunted polar bears for generations and is allowed an annual quota of 35 hides.  Even in mid September, there were still patches of snow scattered about. I must point out again that there is nothing green about Greenland.

As he walked around, Rob met and photographed people he saw outside, mostly men. They did their best to communicate with sign language and a minimum of English. I hope you enjoy this glimpse at a unique place and people!



Polar bear hide

Polar bear hide


View from Kong Oscar Fjord

View from Kong Oscar Fjord


5 thoughts on “Greenland – Ittoqqortoormitt

  1. Very interesting place and I bet the people are fascinating too. Any guesses to why it’s called Greenland? I can’t see anything Green there at all, lol!

  2. Such interesting faces and also resembling Mexican people. Was in Arctic circle myself but that was in Northern Norway, also inhabited by Inuit and saw lots of reindeer there. That was in June about ten years ago and we saw the sun NOT go under at night! Happy, happy, Maria

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  3. Thank you for a glimpse into life in Greenland, I have always thought it would be an interesting place to visit, interesting that it is mostly men living there.

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