Greenland reflections


My husband, Rob Goldsborough went on a trip to Greenland in September. He and about a dozen photographers traveled aboard a small cruise ship, into several fjords on the west end of Scorespy Sound. The group took daily excursions on inflatable zodiacs, which brought them closer to land and floating ice.



Rob described this northern landscape as being different from what we saw in Antarctica (see posts here). Both had tons of ice, but there was more bare ground in Greenland during this time of year. Of course, there’s nothing green in sight! The story goes that early explorers named it Greenland in hopes of attracting European settlers. Rob visited a village, which I’ll show in another post. For now, I hope you enjoy his beautiful series of reflections taken from the zodiac.

Greenland4 Greenland3 Greenland8 Greenland6 Greenland5 Greenland7

6 thoughts on “Greenland reflections

  1. Sally,

    Thanks for your interesting Blog posts for all the year. I find them fascinating as you have such an eye for composition. The one of Glencoe I recognized at once. It just could not be anywhere else.

    All good wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

    Ann B.

  2. Stunning photos . At times it would be hard to know which way is up, the water reflects so fully! At other times it looks like the ice is floating in air! Thank you for posting!

  3. Living myself in a northern snowy, ice-y climate near Yellowstone Park, snow photography shows another world but we don’t have the water to reflect. Stunning photos & thanks for sharing!

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