Scotland (Oct. 2015) misc. & video


Glencoe and window in St. Margaret’s Chapel in Edinburgh Castle.





Isle of Skye.




The Great Hall in Edinburgh Castle.


My husband Rob made the following video, which is a composite of our 2 trips to Scotland this year. In June, we hiked the Great Glen Way, along the Caledonian Canal in the Highlands. Then, in Sept./Oct. we traveled with a WGBH Learning Tour, which focused on Scottish music. The video soundtrack includes live music we recorded during the evening performances. The musicians are credited at the end of the video, including the teenage students at the National Centre of Excellence for Traditional Scottish Music in Plockton.


5 thoughts on “Scotland (Oct. 2015) misc. & video

  1. Salley, thank you so much for sharing your adventures with me. They are the highlight of my day when I receive one. I’ve been going thru chemo and other complications now for 6 months and so look forward to reading your postings. When I was 17 I was able to visit London for which I am grateful. But, my true longing is to travel all over Great Britain, mainly in the countryside. I buy the British version of Country Living and consume it front to back because it gives so much insight into rural life there, especially about the peoples. Your photos are amazing! Thank you again for lifting my spirits and how much I enjoy all your delightful creative efforts. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you Sally for sharing these wonderful photos of Scotland. I’m particularly interested in Scottish anything right now as I’m tracing my family roots there and several clans I’m associated with. You make me want to hop a plane tomorrow and see the sites. Everything looks like a fairytale!
    I looked into hiking the Highlands for my husband and myself but was put off from a friend who said the midges almost ate them alive while on a walking tour there. How was your experience and would you do it again?

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