shelter from the rain


This little pair, child stars from my book, Felt Wee Folk, found a perfect shelter from the rain! Like a paparazzi, I whipped out my cell phone, snapped a photo and instantly shared it on Instagram. A few days later, I took a picture of my work table, which shows a new wee folk family in the works. They’re for a charity raffle that I’ll announce later this fall. And if you’re already following me on Instagram, you’ve seen glimpses of bearded men from Whiskers, my newest piece. For a visual person, the urge to capture images all day is kind of possessing and the instantaneous nature of this new social media phenomenon makes it even more irresistible. I still plan to publish more comprehensive posts with lots of photos in the future, but for now I’ll share quick little glimpses into my world.

And soon, we’re off to Scotland again! I invite you to follow along in real time on Instagram.



5 thoughts on “shelter from the rain

  1. The young lady’s outfit reminds me of how proud we all were of our new back to school outfit. She looks so lovely in it, and she obviously chose the pieces with care. Perhaps a little worried about getting it wet or dirty. Meanwhile, the young man is still thinking baseball and summer fun and perfectly content in his overalls. Carefree, and not worried about a little rain or dirt, happy to be without a coat.
    Enjoy Scotland!! Looking forward, as always, to photos.

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