Polly’s traveling again


Polly is proud to show-off her new outfit, which she’ll be wearing during her next trip. She’s especially fond of her Glengarry bonnet! Polly will be visiting relatives in Scotland (my grandfather on the Mavor side was born in Glasgow) and hiking the Great Glen Way from Fort William to Inverness. She’s sure to bring back lots of pictures and stories of her adventures!

etsywidgetlinkMy Etsy Shop is closed during our trip and will reopen June 16th.

6 thoughts on “Polly’s traveling again

  1. Safe trip and enjoy the hike….presume Polly’s got a pair of heavy-duty boots on under that lovely kilt!

  2. Oh have a Wonderful Trip Salley and Polly 🙂
    And Salley, if there happen to be a chance encounter with the world’s most famous Scottish Ambassador, Nessie, remember to cover poor little Polly’s eyes. After all, we don’t want her returning traumatized 🙂
    GOD Bless, Rebecca

  3. Sally,
    I wish you good tidings on your trip abroad. May the road rise up to meet you, etc. I don’t know any Scottish poems to bid you farewell.
    Sure am enjoying your book. I made Little Boy Blue and he is just precious with his little hat — thanks so much for sharing with us. Is there a wig pattern for him somewhere in the book and I’m just missing it?
    Bless you,
    Annette Claassen

  4. Aw, Polly, you are going to the land of my ancestors! I’ve been upstaged by a doll! I have never gotten to go. Send photos of your trip you lucky girl!

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