Podcast with Mimi and me


I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Abby Glassenberg for her popular series of While She Naps podcasts. In her podcasts, Abby talks with a wide variety of designers and makers about building their creative businesses. She is a savvy and personable woman, who has a natural gift for asking pertinent questions and keeping the conversation running smoothly. I’m happy that she paired me with doll artist extraordinaire Mimi Kirchner, as we’ve been friends for over 30 years. After recording the interview, we joked about feeling like wise old sages. Here’s Abby’s blog post. You can hear the postcast here. I hope that you enjoy our chat!

5 thoughts on “Podcast with Mimi and me

      • I have loved your work for YEARS. Thank you for making my day, week… year. I am a fairy nut. I will be dressed as a fairy for a summer equinox party next week. I wish I could look like one of your fairies. I don’t think I can find an acorn that big.

      • Your books arrived yesterday. I sat in my bed with a magnifying glass looking at every little bell and bead. Thank you for adding sweetness at such a sad time.

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