Blog Tour: Wee Folk Art


Today, I am pleased to have the wildly popular site, Wee Folk Art come along on the Felt Wee Folk BLOG TOUR! The tour schedule is listed at the bottom of this post, with links to participating blogs. I invite you to follow along. There are reviews of my new book and opportunities to enter Give-aways for copies of Felt Wee Folk: New Adventures.

It’s easy to mix up Wee Folk Art and my own  Wee Folk Studio. Besides the similarity in name and our shared interest in folksy handwork, we are 2 distinct entities, with different purposes.  My site is a personal platform to share my artwork and inspirations, whereas Wee Folk Art’s mission is to support and inspire families that want to bring art and craft into their lives in a natural way. And they have a huge following in this endeavor!


The people behind Wee Folk Art, Kimara and Michelle combine their love of Wee Folk (children) with their love of Folk Art, creating a place to find patterns and tutorials for a whole slew of projects. They are a mother /daughter team who share their mutual love of crafting and the gentle art of homemaking. Most of their ideas and projects are focused on children, but they throw in crafts for the home, self or yummy recipes just to keep it interesting. 

portrait-wmwmThey write, “We both share a belief that less is often better, as long as the less has quality. We love working with natural materials, and are ever mindful of respecting our environment. We hope that is reflected in our crafts.”


Wee Folk Art has a treasure trove of information, with lots of resources, tutorials and patterns to learn from. There is something for everyone, whether you are a parent, grandparent, home-school family, teacher or just a crafty, home-loving person.


Wee Folk Art has been incredibly supportive of my artwork and books over the years and I am thrilled to have them on board for this tour! They are offering a book Give-away, along with the other tour participants below:

Felt Wee Folk BLOG TOUR Schedule:

March 3 – Mary Corbet – Needle n’ Thread

March 6 – Mimi Kirchner – Doll 

March 10 – Margaret Bloom – We Bloom Here

March 12 – C&T Publishing’s Blog

March 13 – Kimara – Wee Folk Art

March 15 – Phoebe Wahl


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