new books in and out

FeltWeeFolk-1482Hooray! Despite all of the stormy winter weather during their drive across the country, FedEx Ground delivered my order of Felt Wee Folk – New Adventures last Friday before noon, as scheduled. A wee folk welcoming committee was on hand!


I immediately opened the boxes and started processing orders because I wanted to mail a bunch off that day. Instead of being “hot off the press”, the books were “cold off the truck” as I opened to the title page and started signing them.


I had prepared as much as I could beforehand, so all I had to do was sign and slip the books into pre-addressed mailers. Since then, I’ve brought several loads to the post office. Orders made in early January were filled first and will progress toward more recent ones. The rest will go out this week, so don’t fret, yours is coming!

These are all orders from my Etsy Shop (here), which include some extra goodies; an autograph, a winter scene poster (folded flat), faux flowers to make 2 fairies and a wee folk note card.

If you want to support your local bookseller, have them get one for you. My neighborhood bookstore, Eight Cousins offers signed copies, too. They’re having a book launch party on Sunday, March 8, at 3:00 pm. And there’s always Amazon, where today, Felt Wee Folk – New Adventures is rated No. 1 in “Toymaking! They have an e-book version, which is a sensible option for international customers.



17 thoughts on “new books in and out

  1. I am so looking forward to your new book and thanks for the idea, I am going to see if my local book store in Grass Valley, CA can order it for me and then maybe they will carry it for you, it is called the Bookseller!!!! So excited to see it!!!!!

    • Translation: Good afternoon !!! How beautiful! How to buy? Will come to Brazil? hugs

      I hear from Brazilians all the time, who would like to buy the book. I don’t know the best way. You can order it through my Etsy Shop or perhaps operates in Brazil.

  2. Yippee! Anticipation is SUCH fun. I will happily await my book through the mail, however long it takes to reach my small island off the west coast of Canada.

    While I wait, Salley, could you let me know what size wooden beads I need to hunt for, for adults and for children?

    Presumably I can adjust your patterns to fit whatever stray beads I have, but it looks like so much fun to have a whole population, I’m rather drawn to doing that, and much quicker to use your patterns without rescaling…

  3. Can’t wait for it to arrive…sure will be a treat in the middle of some tricks, referring to our wild and wooly winter weather, that is! Thanks again for making the special offer to those who treasure your work and creativity. We are blessed, indeed!

  4. Came home late last night and found an email that said my book was on it’s way! Goodness was I very surprised considering I place my order about week ago! I am so Excited!!! Salley I have to agree the snowy conditions on the east coast has served you well in getting highly organized. I was not expecting my copy to be sent out on the first shipment. It might even arrived before I leave for my road trip. Thank You so very much, I’ve been walking around the house with a Kool Aid smile all day long..GOD Bless

  5. Salley, I got my book in the mail yesterday. I love it!, it’s wonderful….sooo many great photos and patterns and instructions. My 9 year old daughter loves it too! Thank you so much for the poster and the post card. The only thing that was not in the package was the flowers to make the fairies…..but no worries. I have plenty. A whole tote full. ;-). I can’t wait to dig in and make some little wee folk for my daughter, family and friends. The book is enchanting! Great job and thanks again!!
    Jean Tobey

    • Hi Jean, I’m so glad that you and your daughter like the book. Sorry about the flowers. I was concerned that I’d forget to slip them into some orders! I’ll bring some to the Sandwich library on Mar. 15th, just in case you come.

      • No worries at all Salley!! You got the book to me so fast! I’m so grateful. It must have been a lot of work getting all those orders out. Please don’t worry about the flowers, I have plenty. Thanks again 😉

  6. Salley, your book just arrived!! This must be a Postal record somewhere. I’ve never had a book sent to me so quickly from the east coast to California in four days. Your book is Beautiful and so detailed and all the other goodies you sent is like a cherry on top of the sundae..I am very excited to start on one of the dolls and to see what others make or post on blogs and Facebook.
    Salley,How do you find the time to write such a detailed book, make art, travel, put together exhibits, book and friends. and stay in touch with all your fans.. It takes me at least two hours to compose a Happy Birthday message to one of my friends. Thank you incredibly and much Blessings and success with the book.

    • I’m so glad that the book arrived quickly and that you are happy with it! As for your question about time—things are hectic right now. For instance, I’m spending the evening gathering all of my tax info at the same table where orders are being packaged. I try to balance everything in my life, which is a constant challenge. I basically work all of the time, which is not a complaint. Make art is the easy part—that’s my default position and it makes me happy!

  7. I just wanted you to know that I love my new book and I love how you put so love and effort into the book and getting them ready for all of us. All the extra little touches in the signing and even on the outside of the packaging has not gone unnoticed. Thank you so much for putting your whole heart into this project!

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