France (Marseille streets)


One evening, before the restaurants opened, we wandered around Marseille in the Le Panier section of the city. The streets were alive with families playing and socializing before heading inside for the evening. This city is gritty and real, but has an appealing esthetic quality. I loved the pastel shades of the houses and window stutters. Every narrow street had a story to tell.





Francemarseille13WM FranceMarseille10WM



4 thoughts on “France (Marseille streets)

  1. Sally I love your pictures of your travel. My husband and I travelled that part of the world many years ago. We are at the age where we travel only to see our children now. But we travelled all over the world and loved every minute of it. And we have pictures to remind us of the good times we had doing the travelling. Do it while you are young able to. Its such fun isn’t it.

    Regards LaRaine Winmill Winnipeg Manitoba Canada


  2. I loved that section of Marseilles…the rest of the city was very ‘real’ as you say and yes indeed gritty. It reminded me a lot of Morocco. The Basillica was quite beautiful too but wow! what a climb to walk there from the city! Lovely photos!

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