playful week

April Prince, Judy Sue Goodwin-Sturges and Salley Mavor

April Prince, Judy Sue Goodwin-Sturges and Salley Mavor

I spent the week playing with friends, both real and imaginary. Judy Sue and April from Studio Goodwin-Sturges came to visit. It was so fun to have them over! Judy Sue and I go way back to my art school days, when she was my teacher at RISD. She is still inspiring and challenging students to find their own way of working. In fact, she makes a point that her classes are about “making art”, not illustration. She’s all about opening up possibilities! Hearing her talk excitedly about her current classes made me feel lucky to have had her guidance early on.

The next part of the week was spent playing with dolls. I set up my doll house and Pocketful of Posies Tree at Highfield Hall for their Holiday’s at Highfield event (Nov. 28 ~ Dec. 7). You can see more photos of the house in last year’s post here. My doll house is inhabited by antique Santas and a family of dolls from my new book, Felt Wee Folk – New Adventures. I just found out that it’s release date is Feb. 16, 2015 and copies can be pre-ordered from C&T here. And, when the book is printed, I’ll be selling autographed copies (with an extra goody) through my Etsy Shop.dollhouse2014 This is the 3rd year I’ve decorated the Pocketful of Posies Tree and the 2nd year it’s been at Highfield for the holidays. I’m always happy to unpack and hang the nursery rhyme ornaments and spool garlands. I hear that people who see the tree are disappointed that the ornaments are not for sale. But, I’d rather display them together as a group every year, in a place where lots of visitors can see them. If you’re local, come join the festivities at Highfield Hall! posiestree2014 littlebopeepWM

8 thoughts on “playful week

  1. Dear Salley,
    I am excited that your new book will be available in February. I think that you once posted that we could get autographed copies if we ordered a book(s) through your Etsy shop. I think there was something ordering in early March. Am I remembering correctly? I will ordering some of your new cards soon.
    I am so happy for you that your art is being recognized by so many people and is being displayed in so many settings. Also, I always enjoy reading your posts.

    • Thanks so much Sandra! I remember fondly my visit to Fargo right after 9/11. Your community of stitchers were so warm and welcoming! Yes, I will be selling autographed copies through my Etsy shop when the book comes out. I’m not sure when I’ll have copies to sell–sometime in late Feb.- early march.

  2. I am so excited to know that your new book will be available soon, I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas! Sitting down at my craft table and making your little dolls has got me through some difficult times. Thanks.

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