France (Canal du Midi)


Last month, my husband Rob and I went on a barge trip along the Canal du Midi in France. We were part of a group of 18 friends who rented 3 barges for a week. Rob put together photographs he and I took, along with videos of the trip. He made the film for our barge friends, but I really like the way it came out, so I thought I’d share it with the rest of the world.

Canal du Midi

Canal du MidiFrancecanalbikepathWMFranceRobCanal4FranceCanal10MillepetitWM


7 thoughts on “France (Canal du Midi)

  1. Bravo au producteur de ce merveilleux voyage sur les canaux du Midi. Des photographies qui respirent le bonheur, l’amitié et la beauté du paysage. En regardant le montage, je repensais au film d’Yves Robert Le château de ma mère adapté du roman autobiographique de Marcel Pagnol.

  2. Such beautiful scenery (and I couldn’t help but notice the blue & white striped shirts which matched Polly’s little outfit)! Thank you for sharing your voyage with us…

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