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I just wanted to show that I am indeed working in my studio these days, a lot. Every day, if I can manage it. I’m so tempted to show what I’m making in detail, because it’s exciting and fun, but that will have to wait until 2015, when my updated version of Felt Wee Folk will be published. With design pirating in the news (see Mimi Kirchner’s post about the Cody Foster situation here), I have to be more protective of my ideas, so I’m showing pictures with the dolls at a good arms length. The book’s deadline is only a few months away and I have so much to do before then! There are more new projects to make, rewriting and adding more directions, constructing scenes for photographing finished dolls, as well as getting good photos. Phew! I’m getting nervous, just typing these words.


I recently put together a set to display a group of new dolls for the book. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what’s involved. As you can see, the domed hill top is an upside down wooden bowl, which is raised up with blocks of wood and covered with pieces of green felt. I brought the whole scene outside to have it’s photo taken. We had a short window of time to do the photography. The day before had been so windy that chairs were knocked over on our patio. Yesterday’s calm, cloud filled sky gave us even light, so I rushed to set everything up. It took about an hour to cover the hillside with moss and position the dolls.


I propped up a foam core board with felt attached for the background sky. Rob took photos of the scene.


Here are some more photos taken at a respectable distance. I’m reusing the precious moss in several scenes. As long as I keep working at this pace, I’ll get the book done in time.



17 thoughts on “Studio peek-a-boo

  1. I so cannot wait until your new book comes out!!! Waiting is hard but I KNOW it will be worth it. I’ve been looking and looking and looking at your work for years in Wee Felt Folk. I just can’t get enough. xox

  2. How exciting to see the new book evolving right before our eyes, albeit, from a safe distance. It will be wonderful to see it in print…in just about two years or so. Thanks for working so hard to make our lives even more whimsical and fun. Can’t wait to add your second Wee Folk book to my library.

  3. So excited for your new book Salley, I adore your work and your Wee Felt Folk is a treasured book that I look at over and over again. Thank you for sharing your wonderful and whimsical world with all your devoted fans.

  4. Hi Sally, we are looking forward to seeing your new book. My daughter Jess (15) refers to your first book all of the time for inspiration for making her little dolls and it is a favourite in our family. Thank you for sharing you photo shoot ideas, I find that taking good photos of my work a bit challenging sometimes, so I can see some good ideas here. It is sad that ‘sharing work’ is becoming such a problem with pirating – I love to inspire others, though I can see the downside to this as well. We look forward to buying a copy of your book when it comes out – all the best. Michelle Jose`

  5. Sad about the pirating, but copyists just show how lacking in talent they are, that they have to steal from others.
    Just remember what a great job you do, and I have now made 100’s of your bead dolls for children and adults.I don’t sell them, they are gifts. See…your good work has done good work.I like to make people happy, and making dolls makes me happy too. I love it that you enjoy what you do so much, and I too can’t wait for the new book.
    I am making dolls for a charity that provides Back Packs for kids going in to Foster Care. Dolls mean so much to people.They provide comfort don’t they?!!
    Judy xx

  6. Love your work Salley and look forward to your book. Thank you for sharing your challenges in the craft. My daughter and granddaughter love your posts and photos that I share with them. They are so well taken and stir all the creativity and imagination we have in just viewing them and the scenes of far away places. Keep up the good work and may you make your deadline with flying colors!

  7. Please don’t let “rip off artists” like Cody foster keep you from sharing your wonderful talent. It’s too bad that has happened to the other artists. Some people are very unscrupulous. It’s a shame. Permission should always be asked and given in writing before selling items made from another artists pattern. Some allow it, some don’t. If they don’t……make your own design!!!!! For some people it’s all about making money….that’s fine, as long as you are not pirating a real artist’s design. Shame on those guys. Anyway, I can always spot your work a mile away and I can’t wait for the new book….so stop reading this and get to work!!!! 😉 just kidding. Jean Tobey.

  8. looks like well I know it will be another wonderful book, can see you are enjoying your creative path so much, thanks too for sharing how you photo your work all very interesting

  9. Salley, do you have a little spare time to explain about pirating, are people stealing your designs and selling them or just claiming the designs as their own? Just a bit confused.

    • Both have happened to me. I’d rather not get into specifics, but I have had my designs stolen by a big company, which I decided not to fight at the time, as well as by individuals who make dolls to sell all over etsy, using my patterns and directions, which doesn’t bother me so much. So, I have learned to be careful about what I share, especially on the internet. With this new edition of Felt Wee Folk, I want to postpone publishing pictures until I have an actual copyrighted book on the market.

  10. A new book – How exciting! 2015 seems like so far away, we will have to be patient! I love your work and your books. My mother just gave me ‘Pocketful of Posies’ and my family thought I had gone mad as I spent so long pouring over each page. Your work takes me back to my own childhood and the hours I spent creating fairy houses out of my mothers left over sewing bits ‘ n ‘ pieces and treasures I found in our garden. I have recently gone back to university as a mature age student to complete a Bachelor of Education with a view to teaching kindergarten and your work inspires me to continue pursuing this and my passionate belief in maintaining the sanctity of childhood and developing imagination. Thank you for sharing your creativity and imagination and bringing fantasy to our lives! Good luck with the book. Rachel.

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