Close-ups (birds)


I’ve been using bird imagery to my artwork for a long time. The most recent is last year’s Birds of Beebe Woods piece, which has its own page here.

Let’s go way back. I embroidered the piece shown above in art school in 1974, when I was teaching myself different stitches. The little red bird below is from my first picture book, The Way Home (1991).

TWHbirdWMIn the sequel, Come to My Party (1993), the bird is given a name: Harold.


This swimming duck felt pin is one of many projects in my 2003 how-to book, Felt Wee Folk.

feltpinsduckWMThis goose climbs up and runs down the hill in my board book, Jack & Jill (2006).

JJgoose2WMThe last three close-ups are from Pocketful of Posies (2010). Check the tour schedule for the exhibit of original fabric relief illustrations here.




10 thoughts on “Close-ups (birds)

  1. Hi Salley,

    I have your Hallowe’en piece up right now and had a question or two about it. I might add that it is a favourite of one of my grandsons and he commandeered it for “his” room when they come to visit, which sadly will be less frequent since they are moving further away. Sigh.

    What fabric did you use for the sky? I wondered if it was a wool? I also wondered whether you used a discharge or bleach for the moon and the lighter value of blue behind the two children on the left?

    I always enjoy your posts, your travels and hearing about your successes. Keep ’em coming!


    Nancy McElroy

    • I’m so glad that your grandson enjoys the Halloween poster. I’ll try to answer your questions: The sky fabric is cotton velveteen. I started with white fabric, painted the moon with hot wax for a resist (batik) and dyed the fabric blue with the darkest shade at the top and lighter toward the bottom.

  2. Hi Salley, Went to interesting concert at Highfield and was again so impressed with your work!! Just wanted to let you know, Love, Maria

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