Wee Folk photo shoot


We woke up this morning to a hazy, cloudy day, which made me very happy. You see, I’ve been constructing a scene with dolls for my new book, the 2nd edition of Felt Wee Folk (2015 pub. date) and we were hoping to do a photo shoot outside with natural light. The conditions were perfect! The sun was just behind the clouds, shining a defused light that created soft shadows on the dolls’ little faces. We also used a reflector (that large white disk) to shine more light to the subject. It’s my job to hold the reflector at the right angle, but Rob held it while I took this picture. When I showed him this photo, he said, “Oh my, I look like a certified nerd.” I said, “Yeah, that’s my guy!”.

I had to resist the temptation to post closeups of the dolls, but it’s too early to show projects from the book, which isn’t scheduled to come out until 2015. It is not in my nature to hide what I’m up to, but I have to protect my ideas, until the time is right. I know that whatever goes out in cyberspace will be shared, often without regard for the source of origin. So, I’m giving a little peak, quite literally into the camera’s view screen. Hint: Mary Had a Little Lamb.


10 thoughts on “Wee Folk photo shoot

  1. Salley, you are so cute! I loved seeing this and I totally understand your reasons for keeping the designs “mum” for awhile. I can’t wait until your new book is revealed… bound to be wonderful!

  2. Bonjour
    j’espère que le livre sera aussi en français j’en ai depuis quelques années et je l’aime vraiment beaucoup.

  3. What fun! The second edition will be very worth buying, even though I already have the first edition. I am excited! – and shall remain so for many months of delighted expectation.

  4. I’m so excited you are updating your book, which has sat out in our house for years for all of us to pick up from time to time. It will be a long wait to 2015!

  5. Thanks for sharing a little of your updated book! I can hardly wait for the release! Everything you do is always so delightful!

  6. Oh you tease you! – it is like waiting for Christmas as a child, I am so excited for your new book to be published and I know that it will be a big success. Thank you for the little peak.

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