Polly’s trip to California

PollyCA4Polly doll saw a lot of dry and wet places on her recent trip to California. Dry vineyards in Paso Robles.PollyCA3Green grass and railroad tracks somewhere between San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles. 

PollyCA2Misty and moist Bridal veil falls in Yosemite.


PollyCA5Another magnificent waterfall in Yosemite.

PollyCA7And soft and furry sequoia trees in Yosemite!


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15 thoughts on “Polly’s trip to California

  1. So lovely and so beautiful to watch the world through your creative world. Fascinated me and also made me feel better right now. You are such a nice artist. Thank you, Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

  2. Hi Polly , how nice of you have a California trip, I’v been living in Los Angels California for few years. It’s a nice place to visit too.

  3. Polly is adorable! I love her red hair. If you ever make any Pollys for sale, Salley, I’d love to be among the first to know, as I am a doll (and fairy!) collector. Come to the great Northwest, Polly…you’ll love it! We are so lucky to live here.

  4. Looks like Polly is having a wonderful time! It would be fun to follow in her footsteps by taking the same trip, but for now, I love following all of you on your blog. Enjoy, as you probably will have your “breath taken away” many times!

  5. Somewhere between Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo on the rail tracks and the fence post is Santa Margarita. Glad you enjoyed your trip to California. Come back soon.

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