California poppies and other icons

CApoppiesI’m finally caught up with unfinished tasks and e-mails, so I went through last week’s pictures from our trip to California. I see this grouping as iconic images which represent the look and spirit of California. We came across this hillside full of California poppies while driving along the central coast. Rob took a picture of me taking the closeup photo. We’re calling it “Salley’s World” in reference to a certain famous 20th century American painting.  Salley Poppies

This couple’s color sense was irresistible.Hearst beach

The children playing, the beach umbrella and the VW van  pictures were all taken at Hearst Beach.beachplay



This tile roof is inside the courtyard of the San Luis Obispo Mission.CAtileroof

And Tuesday is farmer’s market day in Paso Robles.CAstrawbrries


11 thoughts on “California poppies and other icons

  1. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. We left northern CA in 1993 – your poppies are indeed spectacular. The scenery and veggies make me wish I were there at this time of year.

  2. Those poppies are so gorgeous! And why I named my dog Poppy! I immediately thought of that painting when I saw the pic of you taking the close-up! Looks like a fun trip. There is color and art everywhere in the everyday.

  3. Lovely – we’ve been having great weather here in California; the poppies and runuculus are gorgeous right now (and I know just the painting you’re “recapturing”!). We were just in Solvang, and had fun exploring the little Hans Christian Anderson Museum!

  4. Bonjour, quelles merveilleuses photos…
    Je ne savais pas que vous aviez aussi des tuiles “canal” en Californie… C’est une traditon de Provence en France ( dans le sud de la France, au bord de la Méditerranée) les tuiles ont cette forme car elles étaient moulées sur les cuisses des femmes qui les fabriquaient (la base est plus large que le sommet). Bonne journée et merci pour le partage.

  5. Your pose is indeed reminiscent of Wyeth’s “Christina’s World.” Love the different shades of carrots…so beautiful!

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