new born lambs


Rob and I visited a friend’s farm a few days ago. We took photographs of the new born lambs and proud ewes, who were very willing subjects. As our camera clicked away, they provided us with the most pastoral maternal scene. The lambs were so beguiling! See sheep and lambs I’ve stitched from my Close-ups series here.










17 thoughts on “new born lambs

  1. Salley, these are just wonderful, heart warming pictures. Thank you for sharing them so those of us who love these creatures but don’t have access to them can get a huge dose of the AWWW factor!

  2. I am thinking as I feel the feelings the images of these little beings evoke in me of the use of lambs as metaphors in literature. They seem to awaken desires to nurture and care for others. Very powerful.

  3. I love the little one that is looking right at the camera, with pink ears, and a smile on his/her face! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful pix of some wonderful creatures. It makes me well up just seeing their faces since sheep and lambs remind me of our Dear Lord at this most holy time of year. It also makes me think about ever eating lamb roast again! You certainly gave me some “food for thought”, as I reflect on these pastoral and peace-filled images….blessings to you and yours.

  5. I worked the lambing season for an old gentleman many years ago,it can be long hard nights but always worth it .These pics bring back so many great memories.Glad to see this flock has a black lamb.

  6. Doesn’t get any cuter than this. Thanks for posting. My oldest granddaughter used to raise sheep and goats for 4-H, but she’s all grown up now, in college working on her master’s. Her sheep had the color and pattern of siamese cats, but I never happened to see any newborn at their mini-farm on the edge of town.

  7. With all the snow you folks have been getting this winter, let’s hope these babes were born inside. Luv the photos esp. the close-ups.

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