Illustration exhibit in Boston

final flyer

March 16 – April 28, 2013. Contemporary Illustration: At Your Service
The Adams Gallery, Suffock University, 120 Tremont St., Boston, MA

An original embroidered illustration from my book, In the Heart, will be included in an exciting invitational exhibit in Boston. Designed to show the variety of work being done in the field, Contemporary Illustration: At Your Service will show original artwork along with  examples of their commercial application. There will be editorial illustrations from newspapers and magazines, along with work from advertising, product and toy design. My piece is the only children’s book illustration included, but my friend Ashley Wolff’s Miss Bindergarten doll will be on display, along with a picture book from her popular Miss Bindergarten series.

Pages 14/15, In the Heart

Pages 14/15, In the Heart

5 thoughts on “Illustration exhibit in Boston

  1. Salley,
    Como fico feliz ao olhar teu trabalho.As cores, a beleza,tudo me transmite uma ternura infantil. uma tranquilidade, como se vida fosse pura fantasia…
    Artistas como você me dão certeza, que devemos acreditar nas coisas belas da vida.
    Boa sorte…
    Vera Siqueira Santos

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