Closeups: Spring


Today is the Spring Equinox! Let’s celebrate the coming of warmth and the promise of the growing season. Here are some spring-inspired closeups of my artwork, starting with a house and tree, which I guess is from the first grade. Skip 50 years, to a group of details from some nursery rhyme illustrations in Pocketful of Posies. If you have the book, you can look carefully and pick them out.








15 thoughts on “Closeups: Spring

  1. Well, Ms. Salley… I’d say you’ve come a long way!!! (Though…honestly… I do LOVE the first drawing too.) Love your work and have enjoyed it for years and years… Thanks for making the world a quite nicer place to be.

  2. Wonderful closeups Salley, I own and love your book, quite often I take it and look at all the incredible details, I always find something new. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello Salley! Just love the robin and the blue eggs. I am hoping to see a robin in my yard letting me know spring has arrived. LOVE you work.

  4. Hi Salley, I love that your parents (and then you) saved your artwork from childhood. I do the same with my kids art. my husband makes fun of me, but when we are old and grey, he’ll be glad I kept it.

  5. When my grandkids were 4 or 5 I got them to draw simple pictures on 10″ squares of calico, and write their name, too, then I embroidered over the top in the same colours that they used, and made them each a quilt from 9 of the drawings they did. The results were absolutely delightful and quite charming to read words like “DUTTERFLY” in their sweet naiive script, before school influenced them!

  6. Salley I love all your posts! I love the details and creative thinking that go into each piece you create. Did you use wooden beads for the fence? I’ve been collecting some embroidery projects that I would like to try on vacation.. can you recommend a good book of Embroidery Stitches?
    Have a Blessed Day,

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