Ireland: windows

When I’m traveling in some place new, I like to take pictures within categories, which helps focus my attention. In this case, it’s windows from our trip to Ireland last September. I don’t remember the names of the places, but they’re all located somewhere between Cork and Dublin.









8 thoughts on “Ireland: windows

  1. I am always wanted to live, or stay in a home or cottage covered with vines or shrubs..It seemed magical, like out of a movie or storybook.
    Unfortunately, in the California desert we have such a big problem with ants,… hot, cold or wet weather they swarm indoors to nest so we are always on alert for them. vines or shrubs are nothing more than a bridge through a windows or a crevice. This summer my window box flowers were so heavily covered in ants, I stopped watering them and just let them wither away..Oh well..
    Thank you for letting me dream through your photos Salley..maybe in another lifetime..Beautiful
    GOD Bless,

  2. These are just beautiful! I love old buildings – so much character – and so many homes and buildings in Great Britain have oodles of character.

  3. Hi! the place where you took the windows with the vines is from Altamont Gardens in Carlow. I live in Carlow and Altamont is my favourite place in the world so i love your pictures!

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